Our lives operate to a certain rhythm at certain times and this means that we will engage with and resonate with certain emotions during this time. What are the powerful consequences of this? We it means that ‘birds of a feather flock together’ to coin a very old-fashioned phrase. As a coach I would probably say that perception is projection and that as we tune a reticular activating system based on our current cognitive and emotional state, we will see what we want in the world that currently serves us or resonates for us. This is why at parties we find it easy to find someone with something surprisingly in common without too much effort at all, or that we find colleagues at work that share similar view and ideas.

Often the biggest driving factor behind how we think and view the world is how we feel. For those of you that can juggle, I am sure you are a better juggler when you are enjoying yourself rather than when you are angry with the world. Since feel is the most powerful thing that we can do, maybe it’s time to ask what is the predominate emotion that you have experienced in your life in the last month? How has this helped or hindered you? Who has it drawn close to you? Did you choose it or do you feel at the mercy of it?

For me it has been gratitude and this has been an incredible time. I have worked hard to maintain it because it has allowed me to be grateful for all those that have supported me through the last year.

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