Embracing Yourself – a Simple Concept for Self Care

Living life in a rich and full way is often a mystery to many people; it may even be a mystery to you? Although living life to the full it is not as complicated as many people feel it is. The mistake that is often made is that they are expecting to have a single […]

Is Resilience the watch word of the hour?

I have heard the word Resilience use so many times in the last couple of weeks, what is fascinating is that no two people have described it in the same way. There are a variety of reasons for this and it has been an interesting journey to explore what people mean and their purpose for […]

What Makes Your Heart Sing?

A mind body connection is often talked about in many philosophies in the world. I often find the use of the phrase very strained as we are left to believe that they are in some way separate things, that there is a mind and there is a body. What always makes me smile even more […]

Strange Days

There are some days in life which start out as different from the second you open your eyes. One might legitimately suggest that with our constant human desire to seek a cause to all effect that perhaps I should have known that this was going to be a different sort of day from the night […]

Movie or Sitcom?

Recently some one I know posed this question to a study group I was in; “would you like your life to be a sitcom or a movie”. Puzzled, several people went in search of the answer, producing various results and arguments for why they had made their particular choice even though they hadn’t fully understood […]

Live the Life You Dream Of

How do you do your dreaming? Do you Dream about your future? Spending time considering what the world might be like and how we would like to experience it, this is a past time that so many people engage in. Wondering what the world might be like as a lottery winner. Do you have a […]

How do you live your life?

“Washing the dishes to wash the dishes”by Thich Nhat Hanh Do you live your life perfection backwards or do you live your life gratitude forwards? It’s quite an interesting question, well I certainly think so. What I’ve noticed lately on the various courses that I’ve run and they range from presentation skills through to NLP […]

Adventurer or Seeker?

Are you an Adventurer or are you a Seeker? Semantics and words can often lead us to a misunderstanding as our own understanding of the world and the way we describe it is often driven by our own history, with us only being able to explain how we experience the world based on the words […]

A Room Without a Roof

When I first heard the lyric “A room without a roof” I knew there was something interesting about that line as I’m sure that to most people it sang out as something a little unusual. Whether it was the lyrics, the music or even because it was sung by Pharrel Williams it managed to engage […]