Social conditioning would suggest feedback is powerful tool for us all to learn and grow. I think that many of us would have experiences of where a piece of feedback was the difference that made the difference. The Harvard Business Review article is a very interesting one on the fallacy of feedback, ( )
Ans openly challenges some of the widely held beliefs that challenges conventional wisdom about feedback.

May be there is another way to explore feedback in connection to your own personal performance? Have you ever asked yourself the question “what qualities do you admire in yourself?” If you were to do this with sincerity and humility what answers would you be bold enough to share with yourself, but the with others about what you feel you truly bring to the party? It is often at this point our inner critic kicks in or imposter syndrome rears its head and we can undermine how we feel about what we do and who we are.

Maybe its time to be out, load and proud about what you bring to your own personal and professional performance, after all if we are not clear about what qualities we admire about ourselves how will we ever get to grow it to bring more?

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