I have heard the word Resilience use so many times in the last couple of weeks, what is fascinating is that no two people have described it in the same way. There are a variety of reasons for this and it has been an interesting journey to explore what people mean and their purpose for using the word and exploring the concept. As a coach and organizational change specialist we always want to explore the question “for what purpose”? so resilience for what purpose and who’s benefit? Whilst there is clearly no wrong answer there are some that appear to be a little shorter sighted than others.

For some what they mean is business continuity and continuance of profitability is changing times. For other is about maintenance of cash flow and that their resilience effort is centered on their business. This is obviously key as there are so many businesses who will struggle at this time and see the exploration or the resilience concept as way of being sustainable.

However, there are those that have connected with the idea that its people that make businesses resilient and investing in the emotional wellbeing of their people will be invaluable in the resilience efforts. Recognising that it is always the people that are innovative, creative and will go the extra mile. But it takes emotional well-being and a sense of workplace psychological safety and trust to yield the performance that will allow a business to survive then thrive.

What are your thoughts?

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