Is your day sometimes a little crazy? The hectic pace and demands we face on a daily basis often leave us feeling stressed, overworked, tired and even a bit glum. Meditation is a simple, effective and convenient way to calm your busy mind, relax your body, become grounded and reconnect with yourself, sometimes with a smile, we call this inner peace.
I was first introduced to meditation about 10 years ago on a coaching course I was attending. And it has just been increasingly a gift in my life ever since.
Newcomers to meditation often feel confused about what it is and how they should experience it. They imagine a monk sitting in lotus pose for hours on end on top of a mountain, who hasn’t had a thought in his head for hours. But the reality is that meditation is much easier and more accessible than most people realize.
Here are a few simple steps, a beginner’s guide to meditation:

  1. Sit tall. The most common and accessible position for meditation is sitting. Sit on the floor or in a chair. Sit up tall but relaxed.
  2. Relax your body. Close your eyes and focus on the different parts   of your body, relaxing each body part one at a time.  Begin with your head and continue down your entire body.  Like a bathing in a beautiful waterfall of warm calm.
  3. Be still and silent. Now that you are sitting tall and relaxed, take a moment to be still. Notice and be aware of your surroundings, but just let it pass you bye like a cloud in the sky on a beautiful on summers day.
  4. Breathe. Turn your attention to your breath. Breathe silently, yet deeply. Engage your diaphragm or your belly and fill your lungs fully and deeply, but do not force your breath.
  5. Calm your mind. As you focus on your breath and be aware of your exhale and your inhale.
  6. When to end your session. There is no correct length of time to practice meditation, however when first beginning it is often easier to sit for shorter periods of time 5 to 10 minutes. Set an alarm or use a timer if it helps. Take a moment and make yourself aware of the world around you before to choose to re-engage with the world.

Meditation is a very simple and elegant way to calm your busy mind, and a practical and pragmatic way of bring a little piece of peace to a any day.

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