We all have an understanding about how our world works. Often it has taken years for us to build it. It affords a way of processing and interpreting how we feel the world should work for us. There is always one small challenge with this, it’s based on how we have we have experienced the world. This means that much of we believe to be true will only work for how we experience the world based, so when we trying to understand or explain someone else’s behaviour we will always struggle as we are using our rules and schema’s, our model of the world, to explain theirs. They will have never walked a day in our shoes and us in theirs, so me may very quickly find we stumped at explaining what is actually going on and getting the wrong end of the stick.

So, what’s the Challenge with this?

When we recognise this, it causes us to assume nothing and ask questions, people feel respected and attended to as you are curious and ask questions about how the experience the world. The challenge comes when we think we know what some is thinking or attempt to explain the world for them, we will almost certainly be wrong. When did you last judge a situation wrongly but originally felt you were right.

So, I suppose the message is always curiosity didn’t kill the cat, but created clarity.

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