It’s time to give your mind a Good Spring Clean

Spring is here! As you sit in the comfort of your favourite chair, or maybe a place where you can relax and enjoy your surroundings, take a moment to wonder and while you wonder, just notice what you notice. 

It maybe something you see or something you hear or maybe just a feeling that you get. This might remind you of a place, a moment in time where you felt on top of your game, work was great and home life was really enjoyable.  You felt totally confident, totally relaxed and totally focused on what you were about to do next. 

How did that make you feel, truly feel? 

Were you energised, lost in the moment, totally happy with your life, visualising your dream?  How often do you feel like that?  Maybe it’s not quite as often as you would like. 

Is there something that is holding you back? Maybe something in the present or the past, which is emotionally hijacking you, preventing you to be able to move forward? 

If any of this rings true it maybe because you have had a lifetime of running yourself down and telling yourself you’re not good enough.  Ask yourself, is it time to let go of this baggage and allow you to feel totally confident? 

I passionately believe that investing a little time now, will make a real difference to your emotional wellbeing and your future. 

Take some time to get outside. Stand or sit in a favourite space. Clear your mind and notice what you notice. Trust me, things will become clearer.

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