There are some days in life which start out as different from the second you open your eyes. One might legitimately suggest that with our constant human desire to seek a cause to all effect that perhaps I should have known that this was going to be a different sort of day from the night before. As my eyes opened if not even from Moments before I had a strong urge to use that good old fashioned military phrase “touching cloth”. The details of “touching cloth” are not important but it was now the start of a very strange day.

The link between cause and effect is a powerful one that we almost always seek to make. Does this always work or does it get us into trouble? I am a trainer of Neuro Lingustic Programming and the cause and effect relationship is key in this as a concept. Placing yourself at cause is a powerful thing. Empowering yourself with choice about how to view and react to a situation a difficult person or even a strange day!!!

However, sometimes the constant desire for the causal effect means that me make strive to draw meaning where perhaps there is none. Sometimes some things are!! Perhaps the most powerful thing about being at cause is that we can have the confidence to simply let things be as they are and that we have the grace to observe the world rather than to react to it.

The joy and grace of learning to observe the root of our own emotions is an amazing step on the journey of truly learning to be at cause. It gives us choice rather that simply being hi-jacked by the strange day.

Strange days and touching cloth then become a joy and a fabulous step and a welcomed experience on the journey.

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