I haven’t really thought about this question until today, not entirely sure why, but possibly because I had just taken it for granted. As a coach and a trainer, it is essential that you in a constant state of curiosity when working with a group or an individual. This means that you take nothing for granted and it helps you to stay outside of your own model of the world and very much support the people you are working with exploring theirs.

So, what’s this go to do with my Dad?

As we celebrate his 75 birthday this week then I have taken a moment to reflect, before I joined the Royal Navy he would always say “everyone has something to teach you son. You just have to find what it is they have to share with you”. He always went on to add “you might have to work a little hard for some people”, which always made me smile.

How has this idea impacted my life?

Well it has meant that I have always had a deep respect for all those that I have worked with and a fascination and a curiosity for the way they explore the world, placing myself in the state of being a perpetual learner. This has meant that I have been on an incredible journey with a fabulously rich and vibrant view of the world, I have taken the time each day to see it through other people’s eyes. Everyone has something to teach you, knowledge, emotions or sometimes distance travelled.

If you were to take a moment and ask yourself a similar question what is it that you parents have taught you that forms the basis of how you see the world today. What is you would share?

Thanks, Dad.

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