• a mind

    4 adventure

    Revealing and developing inspiration and potential in people and organisations.

  • a mind

    4 adventure

    A Mind 4 Adventure sets out to enable individuals and organisations to discover their true potential.

    Our team of coaches are experts in leadership, coaching and NLP, providing inspirational training and coaching throughout the UK and beyond.

  • A Mind

    4 Adventure

    Passionate about the belief that we ‘are all better than we know’, a journey of discovery will push personal boundaries and open up opportunities in turn unlocking true human potential. No one discovered anything without opening up their mind to possibilities - embark on a journey with A Mind 4 Adventure and discover yours.

Events and Courses

12 – 17 March 2023

9 – 14 July 2023

1 – 6 October 2023

NLP Practitioner

NLP Practitioner Training is the starting point for most people on their NLP journey. This course is ideal for anyone who is curious about NLP and is ideal for anyone in any role that is involved is support, helping, leading and inspiring others.

Coming Soon

Creating Personal Impact

Creating Personal Impact will enable you to deliver the most effective and inspirational presentations that make lasting impressions.

Part 1

25  – 31 March 2023 

Part 2

6 – 12 May 2023 

NLP Master Practitioner

Master Practitioner training is when you really become of age as an NLPer or NLP Coach. Master Practitioner training is a powerful 14-day course that allows you to really go to the next level with your coaching and change facilitation skill set.