Our expertise in Organisational Development Consultancy sets us apart from other training and coaching providers.

We can help you identify the needs within your organisation so you get the most from your investment in us.

We offer leadership training and coaching support for individuals, teams, and organisations as a whole.

When you contact us, Sara and Ian will meet with you so they can fully understand your organisation – its ethos and mission, the people you work with, and how the intellectual energy of your team flows through your organisation. With this knowledge, they can identify issues and design a programme to truly meet your needs. Companies can often turn to coaching or training as a response to a symptom, but Ian and Sara can help you identify the source of a problem and find meaningful long-term solutions.

Imagine if everyone realised their true potential

At the heart of our training, there is always the individual. Our coaching may take place in a work context, butthe impact of your team’s personal development on your organisation can be huge.

Flexible delivery

We deliver online and in-person training so we can support our clients through the challenges we’re all facing at this moment. At A Mind 4 Adventure, online still means personal and interactive, so our sessions are face-to-face and live. However your business is operating – remotely or from your office – we facilitate an engaging, productive, satisfying experience for individuals and groups.

Flexible learning

Your team members will learn and process information in different ways. Indeed, these ways of thinking can be a great asset to you. We use a variety of teaching methods to reflect, and reach across, the wealth of learning styles present in your organisation. This means face-to-face conversations, practical tasks and experiences, online learning, and tailoring our methods to specific needs within your group.

Follow-up support and training

Learning should link directly into the workplace, so we support your team as they implement their learning and ideas. We offer follow-up sessions and check-ins. These are invaluable opportunities to review training, explore its implementation and progress, answer questions, and find solutions to related problems. It also keeps individuals and companies on track. This can be done remotely, but we will also offer an in-person follow-up training days when circumstances allow.






Whether you’re a start-up or an established organisation, quality consultancy empowers your company and fosters resilience.

Ian and Sara, in collaboration with you and your team, will evolve and design bespoke organisational and learning development programmes.

These become robust frameworks and toolkits for your future growth so you can adapt in a systematic and efficient way as the world around you changes.

Leadership & Coaching

A Mind 4 for Adventure is an accredited centre of the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). Ian and Sara are highly experienced and skilled deliverers of bespoke leadership and development programmes. They also offer a variety of services including coaching and coaching programmes, and ILM or graduate development programmes.

Our leadership and coaching programmes build and strengthen qualities within your organisation: create a united vision across your team; solve problems rather than avoid them; nurture trust, cooperation and communication; include team members in planning to harness their investment.

Coaching Support

AM4A provides quality professional coaching support. We support wellbeing, performance development and personal growth for individuals and teams within your organisation. This is a more subtle approach that can yield amazing results: if your team feel happy, satisfied and confident this feeds into your organisation.

This approach may benefit teams who are working remotely.

Events and Courses

12 – 17 March 2023

9 – 14 July 2023

1 – 6 October 2023

NLP Practitioner

NLP Practitioner Training is the starting point for most people on their NLP journey. This course is ideal for anyone who is curious about NLP and is ideal for anyone in any role that is involved is support, helping, leading and inspiring others.

Coming Soon

Creating Personal Impact

Creating Personal Impact will enable you to deliver the most effective and inspirational presentations that make lasting impressions.

Part 1

25 – 31 March 2023

Part 2

6 – 12 May 2023

NLP Master Practitioner

Master Practitioner training is when you really become of age as an NLPer or NLP Coach. Master Practitioner training is a powerful 14-day course that allows you to really go to the next level with your coaching and change facilitation skill set.