A mind body connection is often talked about in many philosophies in the world. I often find the use of the phrase very strained as we are left to believe that they are in some way separate things, that there is a mind and there is a body. What always makes me smile even more that the idea that they are separate is the idea they aren’t connected and that it is someway our thoughts are separate to and are not influenced at all by our feelings or even the other way round. It always makes me smile when people deny a relationship between the two things almost as though their brain sits in a box outside of their body and that it has no direct connection with the rest of them. As though their body moves through the world experiencing it, whilst carrying the head in a box. It seems as though they have forgotten their head sits on top of their shoulders that it is fed by the same rich red oxygenated blood that travels from the tips of their toes to the very core of their heart via their head.

As we discuss the mind body connection the implication is that they are separate things that in some way we have some degree of control over their connection as if we could open it up or even close it off like a throttle on a motorbike or an accelerator on a car.

Flat World Syndrome is something that nearly everyone is familiar with but not everyone can explain. There are those adventurous soles who when they were told that the world was flat, decided to live constrained by the limitation that this may present but they decided to set off to see what was beyond the limitation only to realise that when they got there the limitation didn’t exist. It may have actually been the idea of the limitation itself which was the inspiration and the motivation that was the driver to got to the edge. So this means that Flat World Syndrome may be a useful way to consider the mind body connection to use the construction of an idea which we know may not be true but it is a vehicle which we can use to initiate the exploration of the truth.

At A Mind 4 Adventure I often talk about the role of the Coaching, the NLP and the hypnotherapy that we teach as a vehicle to allow people to explore the nature of their relationship with themselves. Traditionally people enjoy this idea although it is a flat world idea as it would imply that to be in a relationship with ourselves that in some way there is two of us or that we are desperate to be kind and identify with ourselves in order to be able to be in a relationship, with yourself like the other people in our lives.

Maybe there comes a point when it is time to go beyond the horizon and set off to explore the edge. When we get there, perhaps we realise that there is no mind body connection because these things are not separate, there is only us and that we can’t ever be in a relationship with ourselves as there is only us and we are at one with ourselves.

Maybe the better way to conceive of our self is that we strive to be at one with ourselves and this is the point where our heart sings. Our quest is to explore the world beyond our own horizons, beyond what we can conceive of in our current model of the world to explore a way of being with ourselves, each other and the world around us that makes our heart sing. Whereas if we were to live in the flat world our head would feel as though it was totally and completely connected to our heart. It is perhaps only when we recognize that we are whole that we can truly connect with what it is that makes your heart sing.

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